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ND 1200 Predator

The Starlight ND 1200 PREDATOR is a robust, all weather system consisting of a Night Vision System, with light amplification technology, a military derived technologies, widely tested on the battlefield. Our vision devices are used by our customers for night navigation, for searching for small targets, rescue, anti piracy. ND12000 Predator model is for professional use and it’s compliance with IMO/SOLAS International Standards and requirements (Amending Council Directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment MED ships Wheel Mark).
Our devices are enviromentally ruggedized to handle fairly extreme conditions ( IP 67 25° +75° salt corrosion proof thanks AISI 316 stainless steel.
For our night visions are used, as sensors, high sensitive military grade image intensifier electron tubes (2°Gen+ 2IA) that well work at very very low light level (below 0,00001 lux) without infrared or other aux devices. Provided image is green/black high definition standard PAL image with 580 lines (Min.) 60Hz. We use in our devices a special digital noise reduction to supply a very clear and pure high definition image.
The field of view of our devices are very wide (40° Horiz.+ 40° Vert.) so doesn’t need image motion compensation.



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