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JLN 740 > Doppler Speed Log

Highly accurate speed and distance log for high-mileage trips.

IMO MSC.96(72)-compliant Doppler Speed Log; compatible with ships above 300 GT. Measures ship speeds within a range of 0.03kn or 0.3%*with greatly improved ship speed tracking to assist with precise navigation during berthing. Equipped with proprietary bubble detection, which informs when speed accuracy is
reduced due to bubble contact. Color LCD display model with touch panel for improved night visibility is also available.

Also available in a three-unit model, which provides smaller ships with the same
exceptional speed tracking capability

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JLN 720 > Satellite Log

Accurate ships speed and distance with your fingertip operation

  • Comply with IEC 61023(Ed.3), SDME standards for the ships of 50,000GT and greater
  • Provide ship speed with high accuracy 0.02kn or 0.2%
  • Offers transverse speed at bow and stern along with longitudinal speed, ROT and total/trip distance with the satellite signals
  • Color LCD display with touch panel provides clear display and easy operation
  • JRC original Remote Maintenance System (RMS) applicable

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JLN 550 > Doppler Ssonar

The JLN-550 Doppler Sonar providing ship speed information has higher stability in the dual frequency modes, and smaller size dual-frequency transducer to be easy installation and maintenance. The dual frequency mode function will be superior in measuring of the ship's speed against the ground up to larger depths and also the water with tiny bubbles.
Stable Speed Display in Dual Frequency Modes:

  • Ship speed measurement is insensible to bubbles generated in high-speed navigation, ensuring stable speed display.
  • The transducer is substantially downsized,allowing it to be installed on the bow side that is little affected by bubbles.
  • An underwater-mateable connector is adopted for the transducer, so that a transducer can be replaced at a quay even in case of its failure.
  • The equipment is provided with an additional function of indicating the ship's fore and aft speeds and port and starboard speeds by entering GPS information.
  • The ship's port and starboard speeds at its arbitrary position can be indicated by entering ROT information.
  • An optimal Doppler sonar system can be configured by combining a variety of options.
  • On-line maintenance (option)allows any failure to be detected during navigation.

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JLN 205MKII > Speed Log


The JLN-205MK2 is a stable and highly accurate measurement tool to ensure stable speed data utilizing high frequencies ultrasonic waves.

Dual LED backlight

The unit incorporates many display modes readily available on a highly visible 4.5-inch LCD display. Besides the display being fully dimmable and having backlit keys, it features dual LED backlight (white and orange), making it easy to operate in various light settings on the bridge.

Clear view

Multiple display modes are available from the menu with main data displayed in large characters for easy reading. You can easily switch at your own convenience, particularly useful when a situation requires specific information.


The transducer is compact and constructed of light weight moulded rubber, to minimize the effects on aeration, which allows stable and accurate operation.

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