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Simrad professional products can offer a new generation of ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) systems to the commercial fleet. With the CS68 ECDIS system, the only Simrad ECDIS in the world that offers an approved ECDIS that runs on 24VDC is the Simrad ECDIS. This makes the Simrad CS68 the most reliable ECDIS solution on the market, with quick access to the most important functions

Simrad ECDIS do also have a unique voice alarm system, which makes it possible to separate Simrad ECDIS alarms from other alarms on the bridge. The Simrad CS68 ECDIS and PLECDIS systems are developed in Norway for use under the roughest conditions. The system is also approved by DNV for use on all SOLAS ships and other vessels that must carry an Simrad ECDIS system. An ECS version for use on board vessels that want ECDIS functionalities, but are not required to carry a full ECDIS system onboard, is also available

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