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Designed for fleet owners, the X150 from AMI is the ideal BNWAS for vessels of any size.
Every aspect of the system has been designed to minimise costs and to provide a convenient easy to fit solution by the ships staff.

Integrated ‘Duty Officer Selection’ function allows any combination of 5 cabins to receive the 2nd stage alert.

Current status, countdown timer, selected cabins, active reset devices and system faults all displayed on the Main Control Panel

Reset buttons and alarms can be mounted inside or outside due to IP66 ratings

Stage 2 and 3 alarm volume can be adjusted for use in different areas.

Motion sensors may be used on the bridge for more convenient resetting of the timer (Class permitting)

2 core cabling system allows for easy connection, setup and commissioning using only 2 core cable throughout the system.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, X150 BNWAS is fully Type Approved to IEC 62616, incorporating MSC128.75.

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The X810 is AMI’s flagship BNWAS system, with a sleek capacitive touch design best suited to modern glass bridge designs, particularly of new build and refit vessels. Modern aesthetics, intuitive and user friendly, the X810 covers all 3 main alarm safety areas when activated, according to the latest IMO specifications:
Stage 1 –              Audible and visual alarm local to the wheelhouse only
Stage 2 –              additional audible and visual alarm in chosen Officer’s quarters
Stage 3 –              additional audible alarm in further officer and crew areas
In addition to the standard “push to reset” controls, the X810 has the option of the X810-P Motion Sensor. When the sensor detects movement of the Officer On Watch (OOW), it will automatically reset the BNWAS count down, leaving the OOW free to carry out his/her normal duties without the concern of resetting the BNWAS manually every 3-12 minutes.

  • -Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • -Modern non-scratch capacitive touch design – made to last under the most demanding operating conditions
  • -Proven reliable track record and fitted to many of the most prestigious large vessels at sea currently.
  • -A first fit item for numerous blue chip corporate vessel operators and shipyards
  • -Future proofed design allowing for a fit and forget maintenance free lifespan

**Fully compliant with the IMO resolution MSC.282 (86) (adopted June 2009) and complies as a mandatory carriage requirement on vessels from 150GRT and larger.

*Please refer to the Unified interpretation of the term “first survey” referred to in SOLAS regulations (MSC.1/Circ.1290)

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