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ICOM IC- M36 > VHF Marine Transceiver

The Icom IC-M36 Marine VHS Two Way Radio is what you would expect from Icom. Continuing in the same tradition as the Icom IC-M34, this is a tough radio that is made to last and is loaded with great features. The IC-M36 is a 6 watt VHF radio that is submersible up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The M36 also features AquaQuake, that uses a vibrating sound to help remove water from the speaker grill. The IC-M36 also floats, making it great for a ditch bag. 

The IC-M36 is very ergonomic. Its slender, pinched-waist body is easy to hold and the large, easy to read backlight display and large buttons make it easy to operate. It has dual/tri-watch functions, weather channel with alerts, auto scan, and dual power modes to increase battery life. The IC-M36 has the ability to set your favorite channels for quick channel changes, and also has instant access to channel 16 or 9. 

In addition to its many other features, The Icom IC-M36 also has a noise-canceling microphone to reduce background noise and an automatic volume adjustment to increase volume when used in areas with loud noise, such as an engine room. The IC-M36 also has a removable antenna so you can connect it to a larger fix mounted one to increase its range. 

The IC-M36 comes with a Li-ion battery pack, charger, AC adapter, belt clip, hand strap, and antenna.

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SHENZEN HM-160 > VHF Marine Safety
SR 8200

Model Name:
An Economic VHF handheld

Float and flash
Private channel facility
5/1 watt switchable power
Dual and tri watch
Large & Bright LCD screen

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SHENZEN HM-360 > VHF Marine Safety
SR 8200

Model Name:
An Unique DSC handheld

Dual receivers
Float and flash
MOB alert
On-screen speed display
Large & Bright LCD screen

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HYTERA PD706 UEL913U > VHF / UHF Intrínsicamente Seguro

Radio digital de potencia plena intrínsecamente segura
Diseñado para entornos de trabajo peligrosos.
Migración sin problemas de la tecnología analógica a la digital.
Mayor capacidad de batería y ciclo de vida superior.
Radio DMR portátil bidireccional con protección contra explosiones certificada mediante UL/CSA/CQST.

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ONWA KV38 NEW! > VHF / DSC Marine Transceiver
  • ATIS function
  • 70 programmable user channels
  • IPX7 Waterproof Construction (1m Depth of Water for 30 Minutes)
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Built-in GPS, Built-in DSC and MOB function
  • Floats and Flashes
  • Battery Indicator
  • Receives Weather Channel
  • Favorite Channel Function
  • Vibration Water Draining Function
  • Dual/ Tri-Watch

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