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DMR-800 LRIT > Long Range Identification and Tracking
DMR-800 LRIT Comply with international regulations on Long Range Identification and Tracking of ships using the DMR terminals field-proven pedigree in low-cost ship security and vessel monitoring at a cost that wont sink you.


•Fully compliant with International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for SOLAS1 V/19-1 (Long Range Identification and Tracking).
•Low cost alternative to Inmarsat C retrofit if your existing Inmarsat C terminal is not LRIT compliant, save up to 50% on up-front costs.
•Stand-alone operation is easy to install and does not require a crew interface, making compliance quick and painless.
•Enhanced tracking reports include speed and heading making the unit flexible enough to add commercial tracking on top of LRIT compliance at minimal incremental cost to the ship owner.
•Seamless transfer of ASP is made easy using the SkyWave Versa Automated Provisioning Protocol.


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