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Voice Services
The RST100 terminal will allow the use of an Intelligent Handset and the use of standard phone equipment through its intelligent RJ11 connectivity. This means that standard cordless, corded or PBX systems can be integrated for voice communications on this terminal.
•Standard RJ11 Handset Voice Calls
•Intelligent Handset Voice Calls
•Crew Calling
•Post Paid / Pre-paid Calls

Data Services
All Beam terminals support all of the Iridium Data services available. This then provides a flexible means by which to communicate using one or more of the following protocols:
•Dial-Up Data Service
•Direct Internet Data 10-12 Kbps
•Short Message Service (SMS)
•Short Burst Data (Selected Providers)

The Intelligent processor inside the RST100 interface enables the terminal to be configured remotely or locally. Locally it can be simply configured with a PC using the Beam Management System (BMS) software supplied with the TrackALERT terminal.
Whilst using the BMS is the most simple, it is also possible to configure most of the fields by sending commands to the terminal using either SMS.

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