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FLEET PHONE 800 > Voice communications system
FLEET PHONE 800 Inmarsat's FleetPhone service is a fixed phone service ideal for use on smaller vessels where voice communications is the primary requirement or on vessels where additional voice lines are needed. It provides a low-cost, global satellite phone service option for those working or sailing outside of cellular coverage. Capabilities Voice: Make phone calls charged to the vessel or to pre-pay card accounts. Make calls for as low as 55¢ per minute* Data: Transmit simple text emails with small attachments (2.4kbps) SMS: Send and receive text messages

Fleet Phone 800 : The Oceana 800 offers dependable access to voice, low-speed data communications and easy-to-use SMS at sea. Easy to install and compact the Oceana 800 is ideally suited to commercial, fishing, leisure and government vessels with voice, low data rate and tracking requirements. It also supports multi-user capability and free 505 Emergency Calling facility.


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